5 Biggest Issues in Health Today

The health disparity between rich and poor is growing. People living in wealthy nations typically live 18 years longer than those in poorer countries. Because health care is so expensive, medical bills quickly deplete the limited resources of poorer families. Almost one-third of the world’s population lives in areas with poor access to health care. These issues are making it more important than ever to expand access to medicines and vaccines.

Lack of infrastructure. As a result, data are spread across a variety of sources and formats. This lack of technology infrastructure and data integrity creates challenges. In addition, healthcare organizations are facing more competition. As a result, patients expect a seamless experience that allows them to solve most problems and check their account status online. To address these challenges, healthcare organizations must invest in digital transformation and AI technologies to stay competitive.

Lack of price transparency. The cost of medical tests is out of control, and consumers are reluctant to pay for them. The rising cost of healthcare discourages patients from getting follow-up appointments and medical tests. Moreover, the cost of these tests is high – and the outcome isn’t always good. According to Dr. Atul Gawande, an author and public health researcher, 42% of patients receive unnecessary tests in a year. Fortunately, some healthcare systems are implementing technologies that make their prices more transparent and accessible.

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Poor nutrition and lack of physical activity are two of the nation’s biggest challenges, and a CDC initiative to increase school nutrition is an effective way to address the problem. Increasing physical activity is an important way to prevent obesity and improve health. There are multiple organizations that help individuals manage their weight and incorporate physical activity. The CDC is also pushing for state prescription drug monitoring programs. The agency also promotes addiction treatment for people who need it.

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