What Would a Lawyer Do If This Was Not a Profitable Career?

Many lawyers earn good salaries, but what if a lawyer’s career didn’t make money? How would you spend your days? Would you still practice law? The answer is both yes and no. There are many downsides to being a lawyer. For one, you could get a bad reputation as a lawyer. You might be the target of public ridicule, and you might have to deal with negative public perceptions and jokes. However, if you truly love your work, you wouldn’t want to quit.

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Most lawyers hate billing time. Billable hour models create terrible incentives and discourage innovation. Lawyers are slow, stressed, and overworked. The legal profession is obsessed with prestige and a lot of lawyers are motivated by that. It’s important to ask yourself why you chose this profession in the first place. If it’s only for money, why did you go to law school? After all, prestige is a huge selling point in this profession.

Practicing law is rewarding and meaningful, but it requires a lot of effort. There are days when you’re faced with difficult clients, rude opposing counsel, wrong procedural rulings, or even hot coffee. However, the rewards outweigh the difficulties. And while working for a client, you’ll have many stressful days. Just remember that you’re still human, and it’s not easy to make the right decision.

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