Bliss Appears Like The Matrix on Holiday vacation

From now right until eternity, whenever everyone makes a film about individuals likely residing in a simulation, comparisons to The Matrix are inescapable. Such is the case with Bliss, which stars Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek. Its premise is sort of like The Matrix, but if The Matrix had been a way additional nice area to be.

a man and a woman standing on a sidewalk: What’s real (and what isn’t) becomes increasingly unclear in Bliss, starring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek.

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What’s authentic (and what is not) turns into significantly unclear in Bliss, starring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek.

The movie comes from director Mike Cahill, who has manufactured some of the most appealing sci-fi films of the past decade. Movies like An additional Globe and I Origins took fresh, interesting looks at distinctive pockets of science fiction, which potential customers us to imagine that whilst Bliss unquestionably has Matrix DNA, it’s going to be extremely substantially its possess detail. Check out out the to start with trailer.

The most significant dilemma I have following that trailer is, which environment is the fact and which is not? Or perhaps they’re both simulations? Who is aware of. What we do know is that as fantastic as this trailer is at the get started, when Wilson and Hayek start out functioning around with those holograms, it receives even cooler. And with Cahill’s penchant for head-blowing reveals and weirdness, we’re hoping Bliss life up to its possible.

Bliss comes to Amazon Prime on February 5.

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