Can A Car Crash Victim Recover More Than The Insurance Company’s Limit?

Many people buy more than required insurance coverage. They want to be protected financially in case they are involved in a severe crash that may result in severe injury. They do not want the victim to file a claim against them and run after their financial assets. 

But, when a crash causes severe, life-changing injury, the damages to the victim could easily exceed the limits of the policy of the at-fault’s driver insurance company. There are options to recover compensation beyond the policy limits, but you should contact a car accident lawyer in Toledo first. 

Can a car crash victim recover more than the insurance company’s limits?

Some crashes exceed the limits of the at-fault driver insurance coverage. Therefore, drivers in Toledo are allowed to purchase underinsured motorist coverage. It means they can cover the difference between the total claim value and the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage value. 

Generally, coverage is not required because you are allowed to reject the coverage in writing once you purchase your car insurance policy.  But car insurers can offer it, which means the drivers who have purchased insurance have the coverage included. 

Filing a claim against the third party

There are situations where the third party, besides the at-fault party, bears some fault for what happened. For example, dangerous road conditions may have played a role in the crash. The government is responsible for maintaining the road, or the one who made the hazardous highway may be liable for your damages.

Your lawyer can file a claim against the government entity of the manufacturer of the product. For example, the accident might be partially the result of a tire blowout because you were provided with a defective tire. Accidents can occur by mechanical failures, like problems with brake or engine parts. In such a situation, the vehicle manufacturer will bear the liability of the crash.

Bars, nightclubs, or restaurants

If a drunk driver injures you, you can file a claim against more than one party. Liable parties can be restaurants, bars, or nightclubs that serve the person alcohol before the person gets behind the wheel. Your lawyer will have to prove that serving alcohol to someone who is already intoxicated or under the legal drinking age and the alcohol consumption by the person caused your injuries. 

Stacking underinsured motorist coverage

You may know about states allowing the victims to stack underinsured motor coverage. It means they can use coverage from other motor vehicle insurance policies to recover the accident’s damages. 

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