Can Relatives Of Disabled People Seek SSDI Benefits?

Disabled People who are unable to continue working are entitled to see disability benefits from Social Security disability insurance. It is a lesser-known fact that along with the disabled person, his or her family members are also qualified to reap the benefits of Social Security disability insurance under certain conditions. 

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Qualifications For being a Dependent for SSDI Benefits

If a person is disabled and unable to work, the loss of potential income will affect the disabled person as well as other people dependent on him or her. For example, if the sole breadwinner of a family gets injured and disabled as a result, his loss of income will lead to problems for all the family members. They will also face the consequences of his disability.

The Social Security Administration allows the family members of disabled individuals to qualify as dependents and receive SSDI payments if they are directly impacted by the loss of wages due to disability. The relatives who can qualify for receiving SSDI payment include children, stepchildren, grandchildren, life partners, and ex-spouses. 

Financial Limitations on SSDI Dependent Benefits

As per the Social Security Administration, the disability benefits provided by the government are not decided on the proportion of families. However, the benefits received by each family member are based on the disabled person’s benefits. The total amount of Social Security disability insurance must not go beyond 150% to 180% of the disabled person’s rate. The number of people receiving payments will impact the amount of compensation received by each dependent of the disabled person. 

Application for receiving Benefits on Behalf of a Family Member

A person can apply to seek benefits with the help of  Social Security disability insurance for those dependent on them right when they are applying for their benefits. They can also apply for it later. They must file certain forms and provide documents online or in person. 

It is vital to hire a disability lawyer to get assistance in receiving payments for disabled individuals through Social Security disability insurance. They help file a claim and ensure that your case fulfills the expectations of the Social Security Administration. They also help provide Social Security benefits to the dependents of a  disabled individual so that they do not face any difficulties in handling their family with their disability. 

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