Career Prospects For Lawyers Who Leave Big Law

For those who want to leave “Big Law”, there are several alternatives. Small firms, public sector jobs, and in-house positions are all options. While some jobs may have a lower salary and fewer benefits, some of these options offer better hours and higher quality of life. Some lawyers are willing to accept these trade-offs to pursue a better career. However, leaving medium law is a tough decision. We have compiled a list of several good options, most of which are still lawyer jobs.

Many attorneys have a Type-A personality or a perfectionist attitude. While these traits can be a hindrance, they can also help a new lawyer get through the tough times. Although a lawyer who leaves Big Law may find it challenging at first, it is important to remember that it is the ultimate goal of every lawyer – to find their own way. Besides, it’s a good idea to remember the reasons you’ve made the move in the first place.

The first few years of working for a law firm are the most stressful. There is the immense learning curve, COVID-19, and countless other issues that arise. These issues can be overwhelming, so the first step in avoiding burnout is to take a vacation. The time away will help you sort out issues that are bothering you. And by taking a vacation, you’ll have time to sort out any remaining work-related issues.

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