Common Injuries caused due to slips and falls

Embarrassed due to slipping and falling in public? Well, that should not be the only reason to get worried. Slip and fall incidents can often lead to injuries that can truly hamper your life to a great extent. Such incidents do not require a huge set-up to take place, and they can just happen anywhere. 

Out for shopping? Be careful not to slip and tip over on your way back. Went out for a doctor’s appointment? Well, be safe from falling over while climbing up the footpath. However, if you are a victim of any such incident, a Personal Injury Attorney in Humble, Texas can come to your help. 

Wish to know about some of the common Injuries that can occur due to slip and fall incidents? If yes, some common Injuries that can take place due to a slip and fall incident are mentioned below:

  1. Injuries related to the spinal cord are common when talking about slip and fall incidents. Fractured vertebrae, slipped discs, and pinched nerves are some of the problems that can take place. Such injuries should be dealt with with great care and specialization by identifying the symptoms related to them.
  2. Also, broken bones are the most common occurrence. Yes, it depends on the intensity with which you hit the ground, and the force which gets exerted can easily be sufficient enough to break your bones. Also, fractured hips are one of the most dangerous and problematic injuries you may have to face. 
  3. Injuries related to the spinal cord might just not be restricted to its area, but also leave an impact on the neck of an individual. Neck injuries can also occur due to strain in the neck muscles. Also, it can cause damage to the ligaments or tendons present in and around the neck.
  4. Severe cuts can take place on the surface of your skin, and these should be treated as soon as possible, otherwise you might have a risk of infection.
  5. Ankle injuries are also extremely common. Sprain, strains, broken bones, tears, and several other injuries can take place due to a slip and fall incident. 


Injuries related to a slip and fall incident should not be taken lightly by any means. Even the smallest of concussions should be dealt with under professional supervision. And if you wish to receive the compensation you deserve, you must get in touch with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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