Festival De Cannes 2022

The 75th Festival de Cannes took place from 17 to 28 May 2022, and the film festival included a tribute to Tom Cruise. The film Top Gun: Maverick premiered at the festival and was honored with an Honorary Palme d’Or award. Tom Cruise’s career has been a highlight of the Festival, and the 75th edition of the Festival was no different. To learn more about the festival and what to expect, read our Festival de Cannes 2022 Guide.

Films that won the Cannes Jury Prize

A film’s success can be measured in two ways: its audience response and its critical reception. A film that receives the highest marks is generally considered to be a success. Critics are often impressed by its talent, but it is difficult to assess a film by its quality alone. Films that win the jury prize are the ones that have a strong chance to receive a Palme d’Or award. The jury selection is a sign of how well a filmdaily has done.

Throughout its 75th year, the Cannes festival has maintained its historical continuity. While many films come and go, Cannes remains a defining event in the world of film. This year, the festival was no different. Long hours of film screening, arguments and complaining accompanied the selection of films. However, one thing was clear. Films were better than ever this year. But a war in Ukraine loomed large over the festival and influenced the selection of films in hiperdex.

In the best director category, Park Chan-Wook won with “Decision to Leave” – a charming Korean film that is an elegant mix of romance and murder mystery. The jury prize is the equivalent of third place in the competition. In the best film category, the Jury Prize was tied between Belgian and Italian directors and actors in “The Eight Mountains.”

Films that won the Cannes Grand Prix

“Moonage Daydream” by Park Chan-wook and Baz Luhrmann have taken home the top prizes at the 20th Festival de Cannes. The films were directed by the award-winning directors, and the winners were announced during the evening Award Shows. The film won the grand prix for its outstanding visual effects and sweeping storyline. It was also a close runaway winner in the competition, and was considered one of the leading contenders for the Palme.

Despite the lackluster field, there are still some worthy nominees. ‘Close’ by Lukas Dhont, 31, was the youngest director in the competition, despite being more than 50 years younger than veteran Jerzy Skolimowski. “The Eight Mountains” by Charlotte Vandermeersch and Felix van Groeningen received a Jury Prize. The film is a coming-of-age story about two childhood friends.

Other notable films won awards for their strong performances. “November” by Cedric Jimenez, Riley Keough, and Hayakawa Chie were all highly praised by the jury. “Plan 75” by Jianying Chen and ‘Lori’ by Abinash Bikram Shah also received special mentions in toonily. The winners were announced in the Un Certain Regard section. If you are interested in documentaries, you should watch “All That Breathes” by Nadeem Shehzad.

Films that won the Cannes Court Metrage

The Cannes Court Metrage is a competition held during the film festival in France. This year, several films won awards. The best director award went to Park Chan-wook for his film “Decision to Leave,” a romantic thriller starring Tang Wei as a mysterious care worker. Another best director winner was the Italian-Belgian co-production, “The Eight Mountains,” starring Javier Bardem and Andrea Bocelli. Other films that won the competition included “EO,” an epic journey by one donkey through Italy and Poland, and The Eight Mountains, about two straight men in Italy.

Another short film competition that was created in 2010 is the Cannes Court Metrage. This competition features eleven short films from 11 countries, including the United States, China, Japan, India, and Switzerland. It includes “The Nap” by Federico Luis Tachella, and “The Distance Between Us and the Sky” by Greek director Vasilis Kekatos. Chloe Sevigny’s White Echo was also selected for the competition in timesweb.


After being accepted to the competition, filmmakers are told where to screen their films, and when they will screen them. However, this is not always possible, and sometimes scheduling conflicts prevent filmmakers from knowing when their films will be shown. After all, the Court Metrage Competition and Cinefondation may feature as many as ten films from around the world. Additionally, the International Critics’ Week and the Director’s Fortnight are held outside the Cannes establishment.

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