Four Ways Your Houston Divorce Can Affect Your Children

There are many ways a divorce can affect children psychologically, behaviorally, emotionally, and physically. After their parents’ divorce, most children can experience different emotions that can alter their behavior. In some instances, their emotional reactions can impact their eating and sleeping patterns as well as social habits. To make your divorce less stressful for your children, you should try and work hard to avoid conflicts, especially when it comes to child custody in Houston. It is not easy for your child to choose which parents to live with or accept the fact that one parent has to stay away from them. Knowing the ways your divorce can impact your children may help determine how you can make it as less stressful for them as possible. Here’s how your divorce can affect your kids:

Emotional Changes

Whether your children do not understand the reason their parents are divorcing, think they are to blame for your decision, or you have a contentious divorce, they can experience emotional changes such as anger. They can feel abandoned once they know one parent has to move out. If your children do not know what happens in terms of their school, residence, and their relationship with you and their other parent, they may feel they no longer have control over their lives. To limit such feelings, consider working with a licensed psychologist, talking to your children honestly, and working with your spouse to create an effective co-parenting plan. 


Children exposed to a complex or high-conflict divorce can choose to isolate themselves from their loved ones and friends. This puts them at risk of anxiety and depression. Children who suffer from these mental health issues may have trouble sleeping or experience a change in their eating patterns. If your child is losing interest in the activities they used to enjoy and prefers to be alone, seek help from a good psychologist who has experience with children in divorces. 

Academic Issues

If your kids are struggling with your divorce, they may start to have academic issues. They might not be able to focus on schoolwork, resulting in poor academic performance. If your children are going through these issues, you must take steps to handle the effects of your divorce on their education. 

Dangerous Behaviors

For teenagers, a contentious divorce can result in risky behaviors. They may try to handle their emotions and situations by turning to drugs or alcohol. This is possible of your kids have no ways to voice their feelings and learn to thrive in a post-divorce situation. 

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