How is Google Trip Different From TripIt and Other Travel Apps?

So, how is Google’s new travel app different from the rest of the pack? Let’s find out. The app is only available to invited users. It has a new tab called Trips, which collects your trip information from the calendar and emailed hotel reservations. This means you can use Google Trips to plan your next vacation with ease. The only difference between the two is the app’s name.

Tripadvisor is a trusted source for travel reviews. With TripIt, you can use the app to plan your trip by saving places, sorting them into days, and booking activities directly from the platform. Moreover, you can save offline items such as maps, directions, and directions. As long as the phone or tablet is charged with at least 1GB of data, it will work offline.

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The interface of Google Maps is also much easier to use. Instead of having to keep track of all the places on your itinerary, you can save places and track them using Google Maps. Google Maps will give you directions to those locations and prioritize them based on their importance. Moreover, it will help you save up to 10 locations in one list. This means you don’t have to spend your precious time on finding the perfect place.

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Another major difference between Google Maps and TripIt is their functionality. Google Maps has more features than TripIt. While TripIt is designed for vacation trips, it lacks some important features that would make it a good travel tool for business travelers. You can add tons of filters to the map to find a place to meet up with your friends. Google Maps also lets you share your trip plan with other people.

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