How to Discipline Teenagers as a Father

Being a father can be tough, especially when it comes to providing the right upbringing for your children. Sometimes, kids and teenagers do not have any idea about what they are doing. However, being a parent, you always have a clear idea of the outcome. Therefore, you should do to try to maintain discipline in your home to shape your kid’s personality.

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One of the best things to do is try to be their friend rather than being a helicopter parent. Being a helicopter parent is one of the things that might lead to a lot of adversities in life. This applies to both you and your teenager kid. The most effective way to get positive results is to avoid punishments. Let them know about consequences rather than punishments as this can affect your kid’s or teenager’s behavior.

Here are some effective discipline strategies for kids and teens that can improve their personalities, and make you a better father. Let’s take a look!

Have an Open Dialogue with Your Kids/Teens

If you want your kids to be disciplined, you need to have effective and open communication. This is very effective to build trust, and respect for you. A good approach is to have frequent and nonjudgmental conversations with your kid, where your kids/teens can feel heard, listen to what you have to say, and express things that trouble them in life, etc.

Create Some Consistent House Rules

You are responsible to create house rules and make them consistent for the young ones to follow. The idea is to establish a sequence of rules and consequences before a mistake becomes a permanent habit. Have clear, simple, and reasonable rules. Also, make sure to explain why these rules are important for the development of your kids.

A good practice is to involve your kids when creating the rules for your home. To implement rules on your internet usage you can use an internet or cable TV service that comes with parental controls and other security features. For example, you can subscribe to Spectrum Silver Package which offers quality entertainment for almost everyone in the family.

Remove Privileges in Case of a Violation

If your teen violates any of the house rules, it is a clear sign that they cannot handle the freedom that you have granted them. In this case, consider implementing the rules and enforcing an earlier curfew or reducing the time they are supposed to spend on using their gadgets. One of the reasons is that laptops, smartphones, and screen time are important for many kids and teenagers. You can restrict their time spent on phones and other gadgets.

Also, if your kid or teenager loves to go out or their misbehavior involves friends, you can first discuss the reason behind their actions and restrict their social privileges. Once your teen shows responsible behavior, they can have the opportunity to get their privileges back.

Praise Them and Reward Them for Their Achievement

Kids and teens become more independent with time and in such times and it is good to practice acknowledging the positive things they do. It is good to highlight their achievements and success from time to time, as it cultivates positive behavior. The positive feedback coming from parents goes a long way.

You Can Assign Extra Responsibilities

If your teenager or kid’s behavior hurts someone, it is better that you should come up with a plan to make some amendments. This is termed restitution or restorative justice. The first step to do is to ask them to apologize and ask them to make up for whatever they have done. For instance, in case they have broken a window, or do some kind of extra chore that can help them repair a relationship they have spoilt. Also, it is a reminder for them to accept responsibility for their unacceptable behavior.

Brainstorm Solutions with Your Teenagers

For teenagers, it is very effective to speak up and have a voice of their own. If they have broken a rule or have been disrespectful in any way, brainstorm all the possible solutions with them. Ask them the reason for such behavior, know their thoughts, and figure out how they can make up for their behavior.

Always Listen to Your Child

This is one of the most important and basic things to do. Having effective communication for children of all ages is important. It is very important when your kids reach their teens. When you are dealing with teenagers, you might want to take time to listen to them. The same goes for when you want to ask questions, support your child’s journey and figure out a solution to their problems. Talking things out can help you understand their feelings and will help you find out whatever is going on with them.

You can have the best communication without being judgmental and by being clear and firm. When you are there with your kids, it is better to say less and listen more.

Try to Spend More Time Together With Teenagers

You might be a very busy person, but this is one of the most important things to do. Kids and teenagers who do not get to spend time with their parents often lack confidence, and awareness about right and wrong and have a very deteriorated personality. Give them attention so that you can build a solid foundation for your relationship.

Play a sport with them or help them with their assignments. You can also watch a movie together this Father’s Day and have a great time together. bestnewshunt There are so many amazing movies that are available on the American Box Office including Jurrasic Park: Dominion, Top Gun: Maverick, Father Stu, Interceptor, and many others.


In the end, one can say that your teenagers and kids of other ages need your attention. It is important to ensure two-way communication when you are dealing with them so that you can get a deeper understanding of their behavior. Another thing to be careful of is to always maintain a reasonable attitude and address the situation before jumping directly to a conclusion.

One of the fun things to do is to play different games both online and offline games and have more fun. You can even learn a thing or two about video games and sports from your kids. This way fathers and kids can maintain a positive relationship.

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