How to promote your blog

During the last few years, blogging isn’t a place where writers and other people share their personal thoughts. It’s a strong marketing asset for businesses. Not only can it bring traffic to your website, but it is also the perfect way to share the latest news about your company and your products. 

 Four ways to promote your blog 

It’s true that blogging can guarantee long-lasting results, but even the greatest blog with outstanding content needs to be advertised. And your job is to find ways that will work best for your brand. We will offer options, and if you follow them, you can promote your blog.

  1. Share it on social media channels

There isn’t a great discovery there that social media is an amazing way to show your content to as many people as possible. If you are trying to grow your audience on these platforms, you can effectively boost the traffic of your blog post. As you eventually gain followers, you will love your social media content, and most probably, your blog will interest them too. 

The most obvious way is sharing your blog post with links and giving your followers some context. It can be an engaging and interesting description that should hook people’s attention. Don’t forget to add hashtags, as your goal is that your blog can reach a wider audience.

If you already know what channels your audience and target market prefers, share your blog there. And make sure you know what time they are active. 

2. Promote through email 

If you already have a mailing list, build a newsletter. If people are signed your newsletter, there is a great chance that for them your blog topics will be interesting too. Don’t stop there and analyze what blog posts get more conversion rate. If your post about digital learning brought traffic to your website, you should create more blog posts about similar topics. 

When sharing your blog post in your newsletter, don’t forget to have a great subject line and call to action. Another great solution is to add images and other visual effects too. 

3. Start guest posting

There was a misconception that email marketing wasn’t an effective tactic anymore, and the same way people thought about guest posting. But in reality, it is an amazing way to increase brand awareness, whether it is a real estate chatbot or other solution, and also promote your own blog. 

You should find methods how to find a blog that has a similar niche. In the next part, you should have some ideas and then reach the blog host to present those ideas. When this collaboration succeeds, you can reach their blog with your original content. But in the meanwhile, you will advertise your own blog too.

4. Pay attention to SEO

Even if you have a great blog post and are promoted on social media and via email, you still new boost its visibility and rank high on search engines. 

Do keyword research to understand your audience and what kind of words they use while searching. And make blog posts around that relevant keywords. Pay attention to your blog post’s structure and make sure you have a body, introduction, and conclusion too.

Final thoughts

As we mentioned, blogging has several advantages. It can help you create positive relationships with your customers and generate leads too. But it can be those and other benefits if you know how to promote it too. We suggest four ways, and if you follow them, you can successfully promote your blog.

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