Is Harlem Dangerous at Night?

If you’re planning on visiting the borough at night, you might be wondering – is Harlem dangerous at night? While the city is extremely safe, there are some pockets of culture shock throughout the neighborhood. For example, while Central Park is an idyllic tourist destination during the day, it is a notoriously sketchy neighborhood at night. That slacknews being said, it’s important to take some precautions before venturing out in the neighborhood at night. Walking with confidence and avoiding engaging in conversation with strangers is always a good idea.

Harlem has a reputation for being a high-crime neighborhood, but gentrification has brought about some changes that have decreased crime rates while factival bringing new problems. While it’s generally safe to visit Harlem at night, travelers should avoid upper-level Harlem during the evening hours unless they are extremely careful. As a general rule of thumb, it’s safe to walk through Harlem during the day, but you shouldn’t enter East or West Harlem after dark.

There is also a significant risk of violence, especially at night. The 30th Precinct saw a rise of four percent in crime in 2010 seatgurunews alone, and it had the worst record for sexual assault in the city. There were 19 rapes reported there in 2010, an increase of 84 percent from 2009. Robberies increased by 23 percent, but felony assaults dropped by eight percent. However, the neighborhood is still safe during the day, and people who live there can enjoy the positive effects of gentrification.

As the racial history of the United States must be examined, Harlem was always the center of black culture. The Apollo Theater, on 125th street, is one of the most iconic cultural landmarks in the area. The Apollo Theatre is a historic venue that once imetapressnews hosted the infamous “Amateur Night.” The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, located at 135th street and Lenox Avenue, has a rich archive.

While the majority of residents of the neighborhood are peaceful, the borough’s reputation for being one of the most crime-ridden areas in the city is still somewhat undeserved. Some residents believe that SoHa, the new savetoby abbreviation for this section of the community, is a better name for the area. Central Park is still the heart of the community. Nevertheless, the question remains – is harlem dangerous at night?

Although the crime rate in New York City is relatively low, many areas are off-limits to tourists. You’re unlikely to come across crimes in places such as Harlem or the Bronx, where tourists aren’t as likely to visit. That said, it’s still wise to stay out of the area during the night, especially in the borough’s tourist-heavy area. And, as a rule of thumb, you should never visit Central Park at night. After all, the park is supposed to be closed at night, so it is not likely to be safe for the public.

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