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Sports That Don’t Involve Running

Running isn’t necessary for every sport. There are many that don’t, including field events, bowling, golf, table tennis, archery, and water polo. Several martial arts and gymnastics events also don’t require running. Some even don’t require running at all. Even billiards doesn’t involve running. The list goes on. Read on to learn more about the non-running sports you can enjoy.

Horseback riding is another great sport that doesn’t require running. This sport is popular worldwide and dates back to the ancient Olympic Games. It can be played individually or as part of a team, and it can be a means of transportation and animal husbandry. In addition to being a sport, it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors. It’s also great for your heart, as it keeps you fit and active.

Cycling and snow shoeing are two great options if you’d like to stay active in winter. These two sports are similar to hiking, but they’re played on snow. Bicycle racing is also a great way to burn calories without the pain of running, and it’s also much easier on your joints than running. Cycling is also a great form of exercise and doesn’t require as much running as traditional running.

Canoeing and kayaking are two flat-water sports that do not require running. Both sports require balance and are suitable for people with disabilities. Canoeing is another popular sport, since it requires only two hands to paddle. Both canoeists and kayakers hold their paddles differently. While paddlers hold the paddles in the open palm, kayakers use a power grip. And even non-athletes can become professional sailors.

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