The cost of consulting a car accident attorney in Los Angeles

More often than not, car accidents in Los Angeles lead to devastating outcomes. In such mishaps, people suffer multiple fractures, spine and brain injuries, and other traumatic injuries, often because the other driver didn’t take the required steps. Negligent behavior on the road is one of the key causes of road accidents, and if you are a victim of such an unfortunate event, you should know that California is a fault state. If the driver acted recklessly, was negligent in any manner, or was speeding, you can sue them for compensation. Hiring a car accident attorney in Los Angeles is not compulsory, but this could be the biggest step in your case. In this post, we are discussing the costs of consulting an attorney.

When you need an accident attorney

There are some circumstances when you can manage without a lawyer. For instance, if the accident was a minor fender bender and you suffered nothing but scratches, you can possibly manage easily without a lawyer. On the contrary, in other situations, hiring a lawyer becomes necessary, such as –

  1. You have suffered serious or traumatic injuries.
  2. You were also responsible for the accident.
  3. You don’t know the cause or the party to blame.
  4. There were multiple vehicles in the accident.
  5. You are unaware of the state laws in California.

No win, no fee

Most personal injury lawyers in LA take a contingency fee for car accident cases. The fee is not an hourly rate or a flat fee. Instead, the accident attorney takes a share of the settlement, depending on whether you win or not. This is called a contingency fee and is a standard norm for most injury cases. The lawyer takes a fixed percentage of the final amount you get, which can vary depending on the facts of the case. You can expect to pay up to 40% of the compensation to your accident attorney. If you don’t win, there is no fee.

Things to know

Your lawyer will have to incur a few expenses to fight the legal battle. From hiring experts to gathering evidence, there are steps in the process that involves spending money. While accident attorneys are expected to offer assistance to clients, the eventual burden is on the latter. Ask your lawyer about such expenses in advance so that you are prepared for the financial outcome.

Call an attorney now to find out about car accident laws in California.  

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