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Three Ways to Define Social Media Marketing

When defining the purpose of social media marketing, it is important to consider the goals of your campaign. Are you interested in raising brand awareness or achieving a specific conversion rate? Depending on your goals, your strategy should include a variety of social media metrics. Listed below are three ways to define social media marketing. If you have a website, consider a social media marketing strategy that incorporates all three goals.

Social media is becoming an integral part of a business’s overall strategy. Users expect to engage with brands. This gives marketers the opportunity to extend the reach of their products and services to new demographics and create brand loyalty. Consumers turn to social media to get the information they need and interact with brands. Social media marketing helps companies connect with consumers and increase brand loyalty. Moreover, it integrates with other marketing channels to boost their campaigns in ways not possible in the past.


While return on investment is a useful metric, it can’t tell you why your social media campaigns are not working. Social media advertising is a strategy for driving traffic and increasing sales. However, it is critical to understand that customers must complete several steps before completing a purchase. To accomplish this goal, businesses need to understand the “AIDA” system, which stands for attention, interest, desire, action.

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