Travel Nurse Career Guide: Progressive Care Unit Nursing Jobs

Travel Nurse Career Guide: Progressive Care Unit Nursing | TNAA

Being a travel nurse has a lot of challenges. Learning about the Travel nurse career guide: progressive care unit nursing jobs will help you have an idea of what to expect during your assignments. If you have a specialization in progressive care, then you can become a PCU travel nurse with gifted healthcare. To have a clearer view of what a progressive care travel nurse does. Here are some Q&As:

What Is A Progressive Care Travel Nurse?

Progressive care travel nurses are assigned to patients requiring frequent assessment and close monitoring. Patients in the PCU are not ill enough to be out in the ICU. That’s why they have the progressive care unit. Nurses working in PCU need critical skills to be able to perform their duty as progressive care travel nurses.

How to Become a Progressive Care Travel Nurse?

PCU & Tele Experience & Certifications are required as well as 1-year of experience as a nurse in an acute care facility. Most facilities prefer nurses who have experience in the same field since they don’t need to be trained and oriented already. PCU nurses usually have the following certificates:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

When taking care of patients who have the tendency to have emergency situations, basic life training is important. 

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Patients who are in PCU can have heart issues. Having ACLS is a must to be able to know how to handle patients who have heart troubles. 

  • Stroke Certification from NIHSS

Some patients in PCU are stroke patients, being knowledgeable about the PCU travel nurses. 

  • Progressive Care Certified Nurse

Once training is done, a nurse can become a Progressive Care Certified Nurse. Schooling and training are needed to be finished as well as pass the qualifying exam. 

  • Trauma Nursing Core Course

This is just a 2-day course, but nurses are trained hands-on on how to handle patients under trauma. This certificate is recognized globally, so it is worth it to undergo the training. 

What Is It Like To Work As A PCU Or Tele Travel Nurse?

As a PCU or tele travel nurse, you should be flexible enough to work with different teams at each destination. Facilities are mostly the same or similar, but working in different environments can need some adjustments. The duties and responsibilities are usually the same in nature and floating you to another department is not common. 

Who To Follow & Progressive Care Resources?

Support groups can help PCU travel nurses be able to perform their work as travel nurses. Here are some groups that can be of help:

  • Society of Trauma Nurses on Facebook 
  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Using the following hashtags: #pcunurses; #telenurse ; #travelwithtnaa

Progressive Care Travel Nurse Advice

  • Be Confident 

As a PCU travel nurse, you will feel like a newbie every time you get new assignments. However, remember to not be intimidated and show your skills and show them that you are familiar with the duties and responsibilities of a PCU nurse. 

  • Be Flexible 

When it comes to helping your fellow nurses, make sure not to send the impression that you are better than them. Another thing would be, avoid complaining if you have to float every now and then. It is part of your job and helping other nurses with their duties can leave a good impression on your side. 

  • Ask Help if You Need

Since you are new in the area, it is good to ask for help from your co-workers. Your supervisor and your co-nurses will be willing to assist you. They understand that you may be good at your duties, but being new in the area can be a little difficult.

Knowing about Travel nurse career guide: Progressive care unit nursing jobs can help you have an idea of what to expect once you land as a PCU travel nurse. In that way, if you are aiming to become one. You already know what the certificates and training you have to take to be able to qualify. Get those qualifications and start earning more. Being a PCU travel nurse can be challenging. With all the experience you can earn, it will be rewarding. It can broaden your knowledge, expand your career and help you grow as an individual.