Unrepentant travel agent boss says he’s ‘not the RSPCA for tramps’ after break in

A travel agent boss said he stands by a comment he made about a man who broke into his office despite a backlash on social media.

Andrew Earle, 52,who owns Andrew Earle Holidays in Ferensway, Kingston-Upon-Hull, told customers he hoped the police dog “got a piece of” the intruder who was found in his office in the early hours of Saturday.

Mr Earle said the break in came after a “very difficult” 18 months with the coronavirus pandemic hitting the travel industry hard.

While people said they agreed the man should be arrested they said him wishing “they were savaged by a police dog” was harsh and uncalled for.

But an unrepentant Mr Earle, who has run the company for the last 30 years, said anyone caught trespassing deserves “everything they get”.

Mr Earle said he received a call at 2.50am on Saturday morning

Speaking to Hull Live, he said: “For people to think I’m being mean about the dog, I’m not, literally if people are going to do stuff like that they can’t expect to get off scot free.

“Would people rather have a tramp breaking into a store?

“It cost me three hours of my time, I’m not particularly sleeping well, we’ve suffered huge losses over the last 18 months and now I’ve got to put another claim in.

“So yes, I’m beefed off.”

Andrew said he's 'beefed off'
Andrew said he’s ‘beefed off’

Mr Earle said the man “didn’t give himself up easily, which is why the dog was used.”

He added: “The police dog was used for a reason.

“The police said he’s basically done it to get arrested, he had no shoes on, god knows how, it was cold and I get that but at the same time there’s means for people in that position.

“I’m not suffering £1,200 of damage and not feeling mad.

“If people would rather have people breaking in and it being OK then I’m living in a different world, if you’re caught on someone’s premises you’re trespassing and you get what’s coming to you.

“That guy shouldn’t have been on my premises. At the end of the day I’m not the RSPCA for tramps.”

Mr Earle said he received a call at 2.50am on Saturday morning after the break in and then spent three hours trying to find a company to board the window up.

He said the security guards from St Stephens saw the break in and police then caught him “red-handed.”

He added: “There’s blood all over our office where he’s damaged his hand breaking in and it now needs a deep clean, we don’t know what he’s touched.

“The police basically said he’s done this on purpose to get food.

“He’s done some damage with respect to draws opening personal property, and left a black bag covered in blood.

“It’s outrageous.”