Value of a Witness Statement In Establishing Your Claim 

After experiencing an accident, it is suggested to collect the contact information of all the eyewitnesses present at the accident scene. This is highly beneficial in proving your claim and establishing your innocence in front of the jury. Many people get contact information but forget to ask for statements or testimonies. If the victim cannot handle contacting the witnesses and collecting testimonies on their own, hire a Vermont personal injury attorney to do it on your behalf, as witness testimonies are a vital source of evidence. They serve the following benefits:

  • They are considered to be a neutral third person without any biases.

The witnesses of an accident Are highly valued as their statements are free from any biases or influence by the victim or defendant. However, this does not mean that any family or friends present at the accident scene cannot act as witnesses of the accident. Their statements involving the observation of the accident will also be considered in front of the jury.  

The only exception is that these statements will be faced with certain challenges in checking the validity and credibility of the testimonies. 

  • Witnesses are a crucial source for establishing essential details of the accident.

Crashes and accidents involve events that cause catastrophic damage to the people involved. As a result, the survivors do not have clear memories of the events of the accident. They may have clouded or missing memories regarding the crash. It is challenging to know the exact chronology of events in the accident by considering the statement of survivors only. The witnesses who are not directly involved in the accident act as uninfluenced evidence that provides an unbiased version of the accident compared to the survivors. 

They help in bringing up essential details that facilitate proving causation and liabilities in the accident as they may have observed the location and negligent conduct of the liable party, which resulted in the accident, as well as the reaction of the other party. Witnesses are reliable sources that help address hidden parts of the accident and shed light on the events. 

  • Interviewing witnesses

A lot depends on the statement made by the witnesses of the accident. To consider them reliable, it is essential to ensure that an efficient lawyer adequately assesses their consistency and credibility. 

It also helps them collect additional information, which can be used to build your case and prepare possible defenses that may arise after the witness testimony. 

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