What Clothes Do You Usually Like to Wear?

Is there a certain style that you follow in terms of what you wear? For instance, if you tend to wear bright colours in summer, you should opt for a colourful dress or a summer t-shirt. In winter, you should opt for darker colours, such as jeans and a jumper. You can also opt for a classic black tracksuit. Your appearance can express your personality, so try to be yourself while choosing clothes.

While speaking, you can also use the topic vocabulary words to make your answers more natural. If the question is asked directly, you may be able to get away with a negative answer. Instead, enumerate the different types of clothes that you typically like to wear and use the vocabulary words to support your answer. The key to sound natural is to make sure that you use words that describe the kind of clothing that you like to wear.

Part 1 of the survey asks general questions and personal experiences. The questions are meant to give you a sense of what you think is trendy and what you think will be out of style in two years. Part 1 also asks about your taste in fashion and clothes in your country. It also includes questions related to your history and your shopping habits. Once you’ve answered these questions, you can move on to the next part.

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