What documents can support you to win a car accident claim?

When you are filing a personal injury lawsuit after a car accident claim and get in touch with a car accident lawyer in Roseville you might think that your job is done. On the contrary, your job has started now. Rather, your lawyer’s job has started. To get the claim that you have filed or more according to your lawyer’s potential you might need to back up your case with strong evidence. If the other person is adamant and is not accepting their fault then you might have to fight harder. What are the documents that you will need for evidence that will help you? Have a look.

Medical documents

When you are demanding claims for medical expenses, you will need to provide the bills for the treatments, doctors’ prescriptions, bills f the medication, diagnostic test results, and other related costs that you have paid for medical pur[ore due to the accident. Your state of accident may not allow you to keep track of all the documents. Your personal injury lawyer will help you to get hold of all the needful medical expenses documents to make your claim stronger.

Police report

If you have contacted the police on the spot of the accident (which is very wise if you did) then ensure that you have got all the documents like the statements that you had made fresh after the accident, the statements of the witness who were present at the scene and any other important piece of document, photos, or videos done by the police. You being a layman might not have the authority to ask for these documents from the police, so your lawyer will do it on your behalf.

Photos or Videos

If you were able to click pictures of the accident scene and made videos, it can be of great use to support you in proving your innocence and the other party’s fault. Not only the photos that you have takes will be considered, pictures taken from anyone’s phone or the videos in the CCTV camera will help you. 


These documents along with a strong argument and negotiation skills are important to get the claim that you deserve. Ensure that the lawyer you are hiring is seasoned and experienced in dealing with car accident cases. Look at the client feedback to ensure that they have a good track record from the past. 

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