What is a will? Is it Important?

A will is a document that is legally drafted that has all your wishes in it regarding your property distribution and taking care of your children if they are still minors. Without a will, your wishes may go unheard. To carry out the whole process you need to contact a will planning attorney and a will planning attorney san antonio will help you with all that needs to handle all the legalities. 

Why should you hire a Will Attorney?

The saying that people who have a lot of property get a will made, is not all true. A will helps you in various ways that are listed as follows:

  • You can make it clear who will get the assets that you have heard earned. You will be making every decision that who will get what and how much.
  • You can keep the people away from your property who you don’t want to have a share of. For example, any of your child who has broken your heart in some way, have the right to disown from your property.
  • Your children or the people to who you want to pass your properties can get easy access to it.
  • Making a will helps you to save money on taxes. You can also gift or make a charitable donation that will help you in saving taxes.

Will should always be witnessed and tested

To make sure that your will is carried out with every word written in the document ensure that you make a testamentary will. It means that you make a will and sign it in front of witnesses. Doing this will save you from any further challenges that your business partners or family members might have. You can make the will yourself but doing it with the help of a will attorney will save you from any loopholes that you might end up doing without proper legal knowledge. 

What happens if you do not have a will?

Not having a will means that your properties will be insecure after your demise. Your family will face problems in handling all the matters of your property as they might not have knowledge about the details of your properties and assets. 


If you are a middle-aged person and you are planning to make a will at the ending days of your life, it would be a mistake. Life is very uncertain and if you lose your life your children will and other members of your family will be in confusion. So make it as soon as you can digitalpinas

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