Why is Technology Such a Difficult Science?

Why is technology such a challenging science? It can be attributed to its roots in personal experience and knowledge of how to manipulate things. Over many generations, this know-how was passed down from master craftsmen to apprentices webvan. But the field of technology goes far beyond the skills of single practitioners and encompasses a vast literature of words, numbers, and pictures. While accumulating practical knowledge is a necessary prerequisite for creating technologies, an understanding of how the world works is essential.

For example, talkomatics the development of nanotechnology has allowed scientists to work directly in the wordupmagazine. The advent of scanning tunnelling microscopes, atomic force microscopes, and holography enabled scientists to visualize nanoscale materials in 3D. Such advances have made nanotechnology an important field in the field of science. The field of technology has made great strides in the areas of biology, chemistry, and engineering. The current goal of the field is to develop computers smaller than 10 nanometers.

Another problem with science is that most of the research is done for the benefit of the wealthy and white people, especially in the US. For example weblo, the US government spends enormous sums of money on heart disease and cancer research, but the majority of the world suffers from other ailments long before cancer. Therefore, very little of the research done on these subjects will benefit the poor and developing world. If this is the case, then why is technology such a ipick science?

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